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How do we stack up against the average editor? We intend to be easier to relate with than the average editor, who may seem cold, distant, and unapproachable.


While we are based in the U.S., we take an international approach and have experience working with authors across the globe. We edit manuscripts of many different genres, and can adapt to your country's language, grammar, and punctuation rules.

Behind every book is a human: the author. We know how much your story must mean to you, and we intend to support you throughout your writing journey. Your story matters, and so do you.

We want to make a difference in your journey as an aspiring or professional author. Every person matters, and each of their stories contribute to the fabric of humankind's mythology. From the nastiest of villains to the loveliest of angels, we write about archetypes that mirror our views and thoughts about what it is to be human.

Art allows us to see the life that is all around us, and to understand the vibrant emotions that we experience. Like Morpheus, prose leads us into a dream through which our consciousness is then awakened to new possible realities.

Themes of freedom versus subjugation; of free will versus predestined fate; of liberation versus enslavement; of hope versus futility; of courage, strength, vitality, triumph — any of these themes or thousands more may be communicated to your readers in one of your stories.

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