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Why hire an editor?


If you have a manuscript that needs an outsider's perspective, hiring an editor may be the right solution for you.


Why else might you hire an editor?

  • You don't want to self-edit ---- or doubt your ability to do so.

  • You have self-edited and know that this is only one of the things you should do before publishing your book.

  • You're stuck and need an editor to strengthen the structure of your manuscript (in which case, choose a structural edit).

  • You want to know if your manuscript is any good (we provide manuscript evaluations as part of our editorial service set).

  • You feel ready to publish your book right now, but don't want any bad reviews from glaring typos, incorrect grammar usage, or inconsistencies (such as the wrong character name, a timeline that doesn't fit what your characters are doing, or an impossible situation).

An editor has the advantage of seeing your manuscript as it is now, rather than through however many drafts it took to get it to this point. With an editor, your book will almost certainly get better reviews (this is not necessarily true if your manuscript has already been published and received bad reviews) than without. By hiring an editor, you are taking your destiny as an author into your own hands.

What we edit:


We offer editing services for these genres (and more!):

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    • subgenre

  • more genres

Please note: We do not work on erotic scenes or content that may be considered disturbing. 

The editing process:


Throughout the editing process, we will check in with you about your book. From when you place your order to when you review the final edited draft of your book, we will guide you through the entire process and allow you to customize (or stand back and let us work our magic) your book as much as you like. 

Step 1: Place your order here by filling out the editing order form.

Step 2: Within 1 business day, you will receive a confirmation email from us. We will request more information about your project as needed.

Step 3: Your project is underway.

Step 4: We will send you the completed manuscript and await your approval. (If changes are requested, we will implement those at no charge to you the first time. After that, a fee of $50 may be assessed each time a revision is requested.)

Step 5: Once you have approved the work we have completed, our job is done. Congratulations on your now ready-to-publish final draft!

How we edit your manuscript

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